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Our partners in crime ...

No wedding is complete without the bridal wedding party and who are also our very best friends. Here is a the low-down on the motley crew who will keep you us organizsed and entertained on the day.

On the groom's side

  • Groom Charles Rocket

    A traveller at heart, it seemed fitting that I met Mary during a holiday in Australia. I can’t wait to marry the girl of my dreams! 

  • Best man Mark 'lethal' Maroon

    Following Marks amazing wedding last year, it's his opportunity to take his revenge during the speeches!

  • Groomsman Tom Smith

    Tom is a close friend of mine from high school. We also travelled throughout Europe together in our younger days.

  • Usher Paul Rocket

    The musically-talented (and very handsome) younger brother of Simon will be serenading the ladies with an acoustic set at the reception.

On the bride's side

  • Bride Mary Withers

    A love of the ocean and travelling was what bought Simon and I together. Now that I’ve found the man of my dreams I can’t wait to share my day with family and friends. 

  • Maid of honour Samantha 'bugsy' Green

    My best friend and amazing sister - Sammy will be keeping me on the straight and narrow as the big day gets closer.

  • Bridesmaid Zoe Samson

    Zoe is my closest school friend and has been a fellow partner in crime throughout the years. She is travelling from Sydney to help me celebrate this big day!

  • Flowergirl Jo Balding

    My little niece may be a bambino but she will rock the dance floor!